‘Antinous’ was a rumoured lover of Roman emperor ‘Hadrian’. Very little fact is confirmed about him though we do know that Antinous was Greek and exceptionally beautiful. Hadrian fell madly in love with him and made no secret of his affections for the young beauty.

Sadly he died at a very young age by drowning in the Nile while on tour along with Hadrian. There is also other theories as to how he died as well.

Hadrian’s reaction to the death of his boyfriend was nothing short of absolutely epic. He commissioned over 200 statues of his deceased lover and named a city (Antinopolis) after him. As a cause of this he was almost worshiped like a god to the roman people of the time.

Choosing to focus on this interesting story of the Deified ‘Antinous’ would be our favourite option. We would like to create a large format artwork of him with added drag queen make-up and attire to accentuate his homosexual history.


We've decided to ressurrect the fame of this story to honour the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, and to celebrate Pride 2019. 


Shouts to Intel for commissioning the artwork.